Friday, January 1, 2010

Yes Pictures

I just found out how to upload pictures so there for i can put up anime for you guise so here is the first one and its called "Grimjows IQ Test" from BLEACH.

It's Complicated

Oh i just watched the most funniest movie ever yet it even made me cry. It's Complicated is a movie about a divorced couple that have tree kids and one getting married. The couple met up in New York your there sons graduation and end up doing "business". The ex-couple end up having a affair because the husband is also remarried to a younger women who looks she could be a villain on Star Track. This movie is a funny, ex-citing, and heart warming.

Ouran High School: WE WANT NEW SEASON!!!

Uh another year with no sign of a new season of Ouran High School. I cant believe they wont create a new season but, people always say that it takes a long time to get a season running. But i guess I'm just whining.

Thursday, December 31, 2009


I know this dosen't have anything to do with anime but did you know that there is a place were there are retired windmills? I know right, it is called N.A.R.M: National Area for Retired Windmills. If your not beliving me look it up in that seerch box up in the right hand corner. And if you actualy looked your dumber than you look. Just kidding but actualy it is North America Registry of Midwives. I got the whole windmill thing from Pushing Dasies which is awsome. I love that series but that's all we have for today in the mean time, good luck with life.>-<